Secrets of Dellschau – May 2, 2010

Posted by shadows on Saturday, 12 of June , 2010 at 10:32 am

Dennis Crenshaw is the author of “Secrets of Dellscha: The Sonora Aero Club and The Airships of the 1800s”.

C.A.A. Dellschau spent the last 20 years of his life using every waking moment creating thousands of drawings of strange looking flying machines he called Aeros. Hidden within those drawings were coded messages documenting the story of a secret life. A story he had pledged not to reveal under the threat of death.

P.G. “Pete” Navarro, an extremely talented artist in his own right, spent 27 years unraveling Dellschau’s secrets. What he discovered was an amazing story of events – – Events that, according to Dellschau, took place during the Gold Rush years of the mid- 1800s in Northern California. A story of flying machines, secret societies, anti-gravity fuel and possibly even .. . murder!



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