Ghosts of the Yadkin Valley – Jul 19, 2009

Posted by shadows on Friday, 24 of July , 2009 at 5:19 pm

The rolling hills and hollers of the Yadkin Valley have been home to many historic events, from Stoneman’s raid to the hanging of Tom Dooley. These events have left their imprint on the county’s architecture and landscape, and some of them have even left a ghostly legacy. Ghosts of the Yadkin Valley is a collection of spine-tingling tales, including ghost stories from many of the area’s National Historic Register sites.

RG shared the story of Tom Dooley and what was considered the first nationally covered murder trial. Dooley professed his innocence even while standing with the noose around his neck. Wrapped in controversy, the case is still debated today, some 140 years later. It is believed that the Old Wilkes Jail is haunted by Tom Dooley and Ann Melton (sister of Laura Foster, the victim).

Other haunted RG pointed out included: The Green Park Inn, Robert Cleveland House, Smithy Hotel and many others. 

With the Yadkin Valley full of historical events such as Civil War battles, RG see this as a prime spot for ghostly occurrences.



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Comment by Allison Lackey

Made Thursday, 24 of September , 2009 at 11:03 am

jeremiah, tom dooley is my 4th great uncle on mamas side!!!!

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